What Are the Career Opportunities For Qualified Veterinary Technicians?

Traditionally, in the public’s point of view, qualified veterinary technicians are employed in public veterinary hospitals, clinics and offices to perform surgical procedures and nursing care to the patients. Only a small percentage of vet techs are employed in zoos and wildlife facilities, boarding kennels, animal shelters, stables and military service. In recent years, the demand for vet techs is rapidly expanding and it creates a lot of career opportunities in the job market.

Americans have been increasing their monthly spending on health care for their beloved pets. This trend has created many job opportunities for animal health technicians in the businesses such as pet shops, grooming salons, veterinary supply sales, animal food supply sales, food safety inspection, drug manufacturing companies, pharmaceutical sales, etc. All these businesses have offered attractive income to the certified vet techs that have passed the Veterinary Technician National Exam.

Besides, due to the rapid growth in both human and animal health-related field, vet techs are highly required in private practice, such as in biomedical research centers, diagnostic laboratories, live stock management companies, humane societies and animal control facilities. They perform their duties under the supervision of scientists, veterinarians or biomedical researchers. The vet techs are playing important roles in supervising the humane care and handling the animals for research purposes. They also assist in the implementation of research projects.

If you are an animal lover and you are in the midst of looking for a new career, it is good for you to consider this profession as there are so many employment opportunities in the job market.