Nail Salon Air – 5 Harmful Chemicals Found in Nail Salon Air

Nail salons produce beautiful nails and toenails but the products used to produce these works of art can also produce harmful air. This is because many of the products used for manicures and pedicures contain volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) that evaporate into the air.

When these chemicals are inhaled, absorbed or ingested, the body depends on the liver to get rid of them. A liver that is constantly being bombarded with chemicals that it needs to remove becomes overtaxed, which opens the door to other health issues. So knowing which products contain which chemicals is crucial. Here are five harmful chemicals found in nail salon air and the products that contain them.

Acetone–This chemical is found in products that remove nail polish and fingernail glue. It is excellent at dissolving polishes and glues but is hard on skin and nails because it removes moisture. Inhaling large amounts of it can cause symptoms such as dizziness, headaches and even coma. Laboratory tests on animals have shown that it causes birth defects.

Benzoyl Peroxide–The powder form of this chemical is often added to artificial nails. Because of the peroxide it is a bleaching agent and can discolor clothing and hair quickly. Long periods of exposure to this chemical can cause irritation to the respiratory system as well as to eyes and skin, often in the form of a rash.

Butyl Acetate–This is one of the main ingredients used in making nail polish. It is clear in and color and smells fruity. Long term inhalation can cause symptoms such as headaches, watering or burning eyes, dry throat, and dizziness. Contact can cause skin irritation that usually presents as a rash.

Butyl Methacrylate–This chemical is used in the manufacturing of artificial fingernail products. Sanding of these artificial nails can produce dust that causes redness, itchiness, and generally irritates the eyes, nose, and throat. Symptoms include watering of the eyes–the body’s way of trying to get rid of the irritants. These airborne particles can cause an asthma attack for those who are already asthmatic.

Acetonitrile–Many removers that are used to remove artificial nails are almost 100 percent Acetonitrile. This is chemical that has high toxicity and has been shown to cause serious defects in developing animals. The absorption rate through human skin is very fast, and it is suggested that you opt for other products that do not contain this ingredient.

The scary common denominator for all of these chemicals is that many are harmful and cause symptoms in many people even if they are exposed for only a short period of time. Choosing greener products and using a nail salon air purifier that can constantly remove these chemicals is a proactive and healthy way to make sure the air in your salon is as beautiful as the nails your salon produces.